Meet the Team

Dr. Malathy Rao MS, VMD

Having started Park View Veterinary Hospital in early 2001, Dr. Rao is very involved with all the pets and people who are part of the ever-growing family here. She received her Masters degree in Nutrition from Rutgers University and worked as a nutritionist / registered dietitian at Hackensack Medical Center before deciding to go for her veterinary degree. Attending the veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, she acquired a passion for knowledge and learning and keeping up with new advancements in the field of medicine. Caring and compassionate not only to the animals but also to their owners and the various life situations they may be in, she is easy to talk to and is very patient in answering any questions or doubts about her patient’s illnesses or behaviors.

Having worked for other practices in NJ prior to starting her own, she believes in giving people options for treatments and in non-judgment of people and pets. She truly believes that people come to the hospital because they want to help their pets to the best of their ability and respects that.

Her hobbies include cooking, reading, yoga, and running. Read her Recipe of the month for some good eats!

Dr. Madan Veluvolu

Dr. Veluvolu has been in practice for more than 43 years and joined Park View Veterinary Hospital in 2006. Having owned 2 other practices before joining Park View to practice with his wife, Dr. Rao, he brings his vast experience of surgery and medicine and adds a different dimension to the previously solo practice. Being a man of few words, he is a no-nonsense, humble man and will assess your pet’s situation very directly. His subtle and mischievous sense of humor is therefore unexpected and delightful once you get to know him. Surgery is his passion and he will spend all his time in the surgery suite if allowed to! Kansas State University is his Alma mater, he and Dr.Rao frequently engage in friendly squabbles about the Wildcats vs the Quakers!

His hobbies include traveling, biking, tinkering around the house, grilling, and reading.

Casey Sargent

Veterinary Technician

Casey was born and raised in South Carolina and has been caring for animals for a great portion of her life. She started by volunteering at her local shelter and pet sitting for friends and family.

Helping in a spay & neuter clinic, Casey’s interest in veterinary medicine was solidified and she has striven to further her experience and knowledge in this field ever since. Helping soothe critters in discomfort comes naturally to her and she likes to monitor anesthesia and post-op patients. Their comfort comes first in her mind. She is calm even with the hard-to-restrain animals and realizes they are struggling because of fear or anxiety.

She often sings to her patients while blood draws are being done…and they actually do calm down! Her goal is to ensure that every pet and client visit is as stress-free as possible and that every pet is treated with the respect it deserves. Compassionate care is her mantra.

In her spare time, Casey enjoys painting, drawing, and watching documentaries about cosmology, true crime, and history.

Her giant mush-ball cat Louie is the love of her life and getting fatter by the minute much to her chagrin and her unrewarding trials to decrease his weight gain is to spoil him and play with him towards that goal! They both have a routine that is enjoyable though slightly disheartening! Lily, her other feline on the contrary – favors acting haughty and regal and observes their antics with disdain!

Kelly Lugo

Practice Coordinator

Kelly has been working with animals since 1993. Working throughout high school as a vet assistant cemented her love for animals. After receiving her BS in Animal Science from Rutgers University, Kelly re-thought her original plan to become a veterinarian. She left the veterinary field to become a General Manager of an upscale pet care facility for 16 years.

Making pets and their parents happy is second nature to Kelly. She is upbeat, cheerful, and objective. Calming people down in a crisis, whether it be on the phone or in-person and calming pets down, when they are anxious and nervous, are some of the things we have often seen her do!

Kelly left the corporate kennel environment to return to her first love of veterinary medicine at Park View Veterinary Hospital. Realizing that a lot of behavioral issues are due to the inability of the human caretaker to train or communicate their needs to their pets, client education, pet nutrition, behavior, and wellness have become her passions within the field. Kelly has special expertise in dealing with shy and fearful pets and gains their trust so they become approachable. She is certified through the Red Cross in Pet First Aid and volunteers at her local animal shelter where she is a board member.

While she is great on the phone, computer, and with people – her experience allows her to be a practice manager, assistant, or technician as needed! Flustering her is hard unless you try to save unnecessary objects and clutter her space!

She enjoys spending time with her husband, kids, 2 dogs, and one cat … For fun, she likes hiking, kayaking, or Netflixing with her family, IF she is not volunteering at her local shelter!